The Office of Science, Innovation and Technology is charged with administering such grants as are provided by legislative appropriation. OSIT also applies for STEM and broadband-related grants from the federal government and from private foundations that are compatible with the Office's mission.

    Below is a list of current and previous funding opportunities. Grants are funded on a competitive basis. The evaluation criteria and selection process is outlined in each Request for Applications (RFA). Each grant proposal is evaluated by a team of experts assembled by OSIT. Generally, proposals are evaluated based on: the quality of the proposal and adherence to RFA guidelines; the ability of the organization to accomplish the proposal’s goals; and the impact the proposal will have on Nevada. Proposals that are awarded funding are required to submit regular fiscal and programmatic reports that detail progress toward agreed upon performance metrics.  Reporting templates can be found on the right side of the page.

      OSIT STEM Grant Application Submission

      Plese submit all of your STEM grant applications here: SUBMIT TO OSIT 

        Current Funding Opportunities


        BROADBAND FUNDING: Please see our Broadband Funding Opportunities page.

          Previously Funded STEM Workforce Equity Grants

          Previously Funded STEM Workforce Challenge Grants

          Previously Funded STEM Workforce Pathways Grants

          Previously Funded K-5 STEM Grants

          Previously Funded STEM Workforce Talent Pipeline Development Grant

          Previously Funded Regional STEM Network Grants

          Previously Funded Designated STEM School Grants

          Previously Funded Graduate Medical Education (GME) Grants

          Previously Funded Nevada Connect Kids Grants

          Previously Funded Nevada Education Broadband Grants

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