E-Rate Central

E-Rate Central

The Office of Science, Innovation, and Technology has contracted E-Rate Central to create a state team dedicated to leveraging broadband projects to foster greater opportunities to connect to education, healthcare, workforce development, and public safety, which means communities can expand their economic development opportunities, creating the ability to access new markets, create more jobs, and our schools, colleges and universities can conduct digital and distance learning with ease.

    E-Rate Central is a nationally recognized educational consulting firm with clients in 30 states and regional offices throughout the U.S. We are dedicated to simplifying the E-rate application and funding process for schools, state education departments, educational service agencies, and libraries. The firm has been involved with E-rate at the local, state, and national levels since the program’s inception.

      E-Rate Central’s goals are simple…They take on the complexity of the E-rate Program and maximize your funding. E-Rate Central is uniquely built to provide services unlike other consultants around the nation. Their firm provides all necessary assistance to every client no matter how big or small the entity might be.

        In working with individual applicants, E-Rate Central has adopted an accounting-like approach to the E-rate application process. We work with schools and libraries much like a tax accountant would work with individuals or small businesses. We collect all necessary information from applicants, prepare all E-rate forms, serve as the first point of contact on all SLD reviews, prepare appeals if needed, and coordinate with suppliers on contract and billing issues.

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