Graduate Medical Education

Nevada's Commitment to Graduate Medical Education (GME)

Nevada consistently ranks among the most underserved states in most areas of healthcare delivery, both in urban and rural settings, due in large part to shortages of physicians. Additionally, many graduates of Nevada’s medical schools must leave the State to seek Graduate Medical Education (GME) since Nevada produces more undergraduate medical students than it has residencies and fellowships. The State, through GME New and Expanded Program Grants, seeks to meet its growing healthcare needs and grow its physician workforce by increasing support for graduate medical training. The Office of Science, Innovation and Technology (OSIT) manages a competitive grant program to award the funds to any ACGME-accredited institution in Nevada. Once funding decisions are made, OSIT oversees the award of funds and the reporting from grantees. To date, 24 grants totaling $20,000,000 have been awarded. The programs created by these grants have an annual training capacity of 132 physicians. Information about current funding opportunities can be found at GME Grants.


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