E-Rate Central Staff

Eric Flock
Before joining E-Rate Central, Eric Flock worked at USAC as a part of the Schools and Libraries Division's senior management team for 9 years.  In his role at USAC, Eric was responsible for determining the eligibility of products and services, and for creating and updating the PIA application review procedures.
Joe Freddoso
Joe Freddoso has provided assistance to over 1,500 E-rate applicants over a three-year period while working with USAC.  Prior, Joe was President and CEO of MCNC.
Mel Van Patten
Mel Van Patten has over a decade of E-rate consulting experience, working with large urban and small rural applicants.  Mel is the President of the E-Rate Management Professionals Association.
Becky Rains
Becky Raines served 14 years as the Arkansas State E-rate Coordinator and was responsible for the statewide K-12 network E-rate application.