E-rate Funding


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    E-rate Funding

    In order to receive federal reimbursement, districts must file two forms:

    • Form 470 
    • Form 471

    A district files a Form 470 to solicit bids for a specified list of products and services. After a competitive bidding process, the district will select a winning vendor and file a Form 471 to request reimbursement for these services. Services that are eligible for reimbursement fall into two categories:

      Category 1: What is Eligible for Reimbursement?

      Category 1 is Internet Access and Wide Area Networks and describes the connectivity between sites. Category 1 covers monthly service charges and non-recurring/construction costs for direct Internet Access and WAN connectivity between campuses, whether it is leased or owned.

        Category 1 Eligible Services:

        • Fiber - lit or dark
        • Wireless, (e.g. microwave)
        • Cable modem
        • DSL
        • Satellite service
        • Broadband over power lines
        • T-1, T-3
        • Dial-up
        • Voice services (VOIP)

          Category 2: What is Eligible for Reimbursement?

          Category 2 is Internal Connections and describes the connectivity within the sites. Category 2 covers Wi-Fi products and services, usually with a non-recurring charge.

            Category 2 Eligible Services:

            • Access points
            • Antennas and cabling
            • Caching
            • Network switches
            • Firewall services and components
            • Routers
            • Racks
            • UPS/battery back up
            • Supporting software
            • Managed services, (e.g. Wi-Fi)
            • Basic maintenance, repair, and installation