Broadband Funding Opportunities

Below is a list of current funding opportunities. Grants are funded on a competitive basis. The evaluation criteria and selection process is outlined in each Request for Applications (RFA). Each grant proposal is evaluated by a team of experts assembled by OSIT. Generally, proposals are evaluated based on: the quality of the proposal and adherence to RFA guidelines; the ability of the organization to accomplish the proposal’s goals; and the impact the proposal will have on Nevada. Applicants that are awarded funding are required to submit regular fiscal and programmatic reports that detail progress toward agreed upon performance metrics and meet State and/or federal reporting guidelines. Awarded projects are subject to inspection and testing prior to final reimbursement.

Current Funding Opportunities

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    RFPs for Services:

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      Brian Mitchell, Director
      Office of Science Innovation & Technology
      State of Nevada's Broadband Office
      Phone: 775-687-0987

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