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High Speed Nevada

The objective of the High Speed Nevada (HSNV) Initiative is universal access to modern broadband infrastructure that provides all Nevadans at their home or business access to an affordable, reliable, and scalable high-speed internet connection.

    Questionnaire for Providers

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    Internet Service Providers interested in opportunities to bid on BEAD projects should visit our BEAD page.

      Vendors, including contractors, interested in offering their services to OSIT or to Internet Service Providers that are subrecipients of funding from OSIT should provide their information here.

        Internet Service Providers and other vendors interested in services from vendors can click here to learn more about services being offered. This sheet will be updated each time a vendor adds its information above.

          Vendors and contractors may also view the Awarded Funding page and contact OSIT subrecipients directly about business opportunities and services offered.


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