STEM Strategic Plan

State of Nevada - Advisory Council on STEM

Nevada is changing. Where once as a state we were known mainly for our gaming, tourism, and hospitality industries, we have now added to our portfolio many new and exciting industries such as clean energy, robotics, battery manufacturing, drones, and autonomous vehicles. Nevada’s established industries are also changing as technology and entertainment collide. Together, these industries old and new are building the “New Nevada.” The common element in the industries of the New Nevada is the requirement for specialized knowledge and skillsets in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM).

    As Nevada changes, so too does the world around it. Technology affects all aspects of life and we are connected instantaneously to events around the world. As the world grows more interconnected, its challenges grow in complexity. Change brings opportunities to solve new challenges. Nevada’s future depends on its students being prepared to meet a wide variety of challenges both at work and outside of it. Those who have a solid foundation in real-world problem solving and experimentation, the bedrock of a rigorous STEM education, become confident, critical thinkers with the creativity to find solutions to the challenges they face. No matter the career pathway they pursue after high school, all students benefit from the skills learned in STEM.

      Many of the jobs Nevada’s students will occupy when they graduate and many of the challenges they will encounter in daily life do not yet exist. But we can begin to prepare them today. This plan focuses on four priorities that will prepare students for life with the skills they need to be able workers and thoughtful citizens: equity and access, quality and scope, interest and awareness, and alignment and engagement. Underpinning these priorities are goals, strategies to accomplish the goals, and metrics to judge our progress. Nevada’s future prosperity will depend on its ability to establish a pipeline of citizens with the skills a STEM education provides that reflects the diversity of the Nevada family.

        Our vision is to ensure that all Nevadans, with a particular focus on engaging underrepresented demographic groups, will have access and opportunities to gain the requisite STEM education and skills necessary that foster the talent pipeline for Nevada employers to fuel the New Nevada economy.

          STEM Priorities for Nevada

          1. Equity and Access
          2. Quality and Scope
          3. Interest and Awareness
          4. Alignment and Engagement

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