Rural Nevada Regional STEM Network Grant Awards - Round 3

The Regional STEM Networks coordinate partners representing K-12 and Higher Education, business, industry, public libraries, after-school providers, non-profits, government, and philanthropy to identify and scale up high-quality STEM programs that will prepare students for Nevada’s 21st century workforce. The goals of the three Regional STEM Networks are to:

    • Increase the number and quality of formal and informal STEM-focused education programs in all communities in Nevada.
    • Increase student awareness, interest, enrollment, and achievement in formal and informal STEM-focused education programs.
    • Grow the number and depth of school-business-community STEM partnerships.
    • Identify on-the-ground programmatic gaps or implementation challenges in need of a state-level solution.
    • Grow interest, awareness, and achievement in STEM in the region.
    • Carry out on-the-ground implementation of state-level programs/goals.
    • Identify and build local programs and initiatives worthy of scaling statewide.
    • Create and facilitate partnerships and the sharing of resources among K-12, higher education, and business/industry within the region.

      Grant Information

        Elko County School District was awarded $10,729 for Wells High School’s STEM Forensics course. This new course will prioritize enrollment from students from traditionally underrepresented groups in STEM. The course will also collaborate with local entities, such as the Sherriff’s Office, to strategically develop rural STEM pathways. Funds will be used to purchase a vetted curriculum and hands-on materials.

          Get Outdoors Nevada was awarded $13,411 to extend their Clark County-based Meet Your Mojave program into the rural region with a project titled Meet Your Nevada. Meet Your Nevada involves connecting schools with locally-driven STEM curriculum, both in class and on field trips. The project will use funds to align the existing curriculum to rural areas and to evaluate and refine existing curriculum for high-quality DEI attributes. Additionally, Get Outdoors Nevada will use these funds to offer schools stipends for bussing to investigate local areas.

            Green Our Planet was awarded $25,680 to extend their K-5 Hydroponics STEM Program into three Churchill County elementary schools. Funds will be used for hydroponics supplies and personnel to train teachers. The project will connect students with high-quality STEM learning experiences, hands-on learning, and experience with careers in hydroponics, farming, and nutrition.


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