STEM Workforce Challenge Grant Round III

The State, through STEM Workforce Challenge Grants, seeks to spark the creation of lasting partnerships between industry and workforce training providers. These partnerships must result in:

    • The identification of STEM-specific skills needed by employers in Nevada; 
    • The creation of programs that provide the education and skills training to workers that match the needs of employers; 
    • Are aligned with present and future workforce needs in Nevada as identified by relevant labor market information (LMI); and 
    • Are sustainable after grant funds have been exhausted.

      In Round 3, the Governor's Office of Science, Innovation and Technology awarded $36,920 to one applicant in Southern Nevada to create a new STEM workforce training program that meets the needs of local employers.

        Grant Information

        Awarded Applications

          College of Southern Nevada (CSN) will expand the existing Aviation program to include a state-of-the art FAA certified aviation training simulation laboratory on CSN’s Henderson Campus. The goal is to engage aviation students in realistic simulation that provides skill-building and awards FAA recognized log book flight time. The equipment requested will provide academic, technological and operational proficiency in aircraft flight and meet the Federal Aviation Administration requirements for certified flight experience. The logged flight simulation hours obtained in the CSN lab will be directly applied toward a pilot’s license expediting the FAA practical flight examination (check ride). The program also assists students in other careers who want flight qualification to enhance their employment opportunities in areas such as power utilities, tourism and law enforcement. CSN will receive $36,920 in STEM Workforce Challenge Grant funding.

            CSN expects that all aviation students will use simulators impacting approximately 160 students, allowing accrual of FAA certified flight time and with the ultimate outcome being to provide them access to well-paying employment opportunities in Aviation. As reported by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual wage for airline and commercial pilots was $117,290 in May 2015. The median annual wages for aviation support is $62,670 annually.


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