Digital Equity

The Planning Process

The digital equity planning process is an essential part of the High Speed Nevada Initiative and the State’s goal that every Nevadan has access to affordable, reliable and scalable Internet service.

    In October 2022, the State of Nevada received a $754,458 Digital Equity Planning Grant from the US Department of Commerce, National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA), which will be an essential part of the State's goal for the High Speed Nevada Initiative.

      What is Digital Equity?

      Digital equity is a term that refers to whether Nevadans can afford access to a fast, reliable home Internet service, have a connected device, and have the digital literacy needed to use the Internet to learn, earn and live well. Over the next six to nine months, OSIT will use the planning dollars to create a statewide digital equity plan. Once the plan is approved by the NTIA, the State will unlock additional funding to implement the plan.

        As a part of the statewide planning process, OSIT will work with communities across the state to assess digital equity needs and barriers, create an inventory of digital equity assets and partners, including existing resources and strategies that promote digital equity, and develop an implementation strategy in partnership with key stakeholders once additional funding is received.

          To kick off the planning process, OSIT has mapped a digital divide index that geographically measures the level of digital distress across the state. Based on a preliminary review of the data, the following are among the communities that are more likely to be digitally distressed that OSIT will seek to understand during its planning process:

            • low-income households
            • aging populations
            • veterans
            • rural residents
            • residents of multi-dwelling or multi-family housing
            • racial and ethnic minorities
            • individuals with language barriers
            • individuals with disabilities

              Mapping Resources

              Add Your Voice to the State Digital Equity Plan

              If you are interested in adding your voice to the planning process, please provide your information here.


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