NV STEM License Plates


According to the State Strategic Plan for STEM, “too few Nevadans consider STEM careers in large part because they are not exposed to STEM education as students or are not made aware of the many exciting career opportunities in STEM available to those with some postsecondary education."  More must be done to make students, especially at an early age, and families aware of the opportunities available for STEM education and STEM jobs.

    In order to increase awareness of STEM and provide resources for STEM-related programs, the Legislature has created a STEM license plate for motor vehicles. A portion of the proceeds from the license plates will be used to fund informal STEM education programs and other outreach initiatives that meet the STEM Advisory Council’s definition of high-quality.

      Use of Funding

      Funding from the revenue generated by the STEM license plates will be allocated via a competitive grant process to school districts and informal education providers to increase interest and achievement in STEM. The STEM Advisory Council will request the awarded programs provide outcomes data in order to evaluate the success of the program.

        Get Your Plate!

        If you are interested in showing your support for STEM in Nevada by obtaining a STEM license plate, please visit NV DMV's website or your local DMV office.

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