High Speed NV Initiative - Phase I

High Speed Nevada Initiative Phase I

In Phase I of HSNV, OSIT solicited bids from internet service providers to bring fiber based broadband transport services to over 1,000 State and Local Government Facilities, Schools and Libraries, and other community anchor institutions. These 1,000 facilities are located in every county and in nearly every community of the state. OSIT issued RFPs for 10 regions and solicited bids to serve every facility in the region. Regionalizing the bidding process ensures increased competition for services, that rural and remote facilities will not be left behind, and that the State, local governments, and community anchor institutions benefit from bulk pricing. The purpose of leading with government facilities and community anchor institutions in Phase I is to ensure unserved and underserved government and community anchor institutions have the bandwidth and security to effectively provide essential services to constituents and community members while also efficiently using State and federal funding to bring fiber infrastructure to communities where modern, reliable, scalable infrastructure does not exist today. Once fiber is brought to a government or school facility, other federal funding streams will be used to extend connectivity to surrounding areas.

    OSIT released the Phase I RFP on September 19th, 2022 and the bidding period closed on December 19th, 2022. Over the course of the bidding period, OSIT held several webinars and an in-person bidder workshop to respond to questions. OSIT also responded to over 100 questions in an FAQ document. When bidding closed, OSIT received bids in every region. OSIT has established a four-step process to evaluate proposals in each region. Step one is an administrative review of the proposals. In this step, proposals are reviewed for completeness and that the requirements of the RFP have been met. Step two is a technical review of the proposals. In this step, a thorough evaluation of the technical details of the application, including financial, engineering, and risk, will be conducted. Step three is a merit/programmatic review of the proposals. In this step, evaluators will conduct a thorough, consistent, and objective examination of proposals based on the criteria established in the RFP. Step four is a final evaluation, reviewing the results of the three previous steps, by OSIT.

      Upon completion of the evaluation process for each region, OSIT will issue a Notice of Intent to Award to one bidder in each region and will begin negotiations with that bidder. If negotiations are successful, OSIT will issue a Notice of Award. If negotiations are not successful, OSIT, at its sole discretion, may choose to move to the next highest scoring bidder in the region or not make an award in that region. OSIT intends to move as thoroughly but expeditiously as possible through this process. Winning bidders will be posted on this website.

        High Speed Nevada Initiative Awards

        Phase I Region 2 Award:

        • Zito Media: $3,723,508

          Phase I Region 3 Award:

          • Zito Media: $25,524,506 

            Phase I Regions 6 & 7 Award:

            • Hot Spot Broadband DBA Sky Fiber Internet: $27,333,382.91

              Phase I Region 8 Award:

              • Valley Communications: $7,522,892.78

                Phase I Region 10 Award:

                • Zayo Group: $6,130,150.27


                  To find more infomation please email us at: highspeedNV@gov.nv.gov