Strategic Initiatives

Supporting the use of high-quality STEM curriculum and resources in the classroom and after school

  • Nevada STEMworks program- The State Strategic STEM Plan recommends that Nevada identify and fund evidence-based, high-quality formal and informal STEM practices and programs. In order to determine which STEM program’s meet this evidence-based, high quality standard, OSIT partnered with WestEd to develop criteria and vet programs for inclusion on a list of recommended programs for funding. OSIT uses this list in its funding decisions and to promote high-quality programs to schools, districts, and the State.

    • K-5 STEM Grants seek to promote increased equity and access to high-quality STEM programs in elementary schools in order to better prepare students for STEM courses in later grades and a career pathway to success in the New Nevada. This grant program aligns with four key strategies identified in the State STEM Strategic Plan. Elementary schools apply for funding to implement one of the STEM programs on the list of recommended STEM programs.

        • STEM Hub Resources- OSIT will curate high-quality STEM lesson plans and teaching ideas from Nevada’s best STEM teachers and reputable national resources for use by Nevada’s schools. OSIT will also develop resources for teachers and schools to integrate STEM into daily classroom instruction.

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