Nevada STEM Advisory Council List of Recommended STEM Programs

In its State Strategic Plan for STEM, the Nevada STEM Advisory Council established priorities and goals to ensure that all of Nevada’s students have access and opportunities to gain a high-quality STEM education. One of the key strategies recommended in the plan is to identify and fund evidence-based, high-quality formal and informal STEM practices and programs. To accomplish this strategy, the Governor’s Office of Science, Innovation and Technology (OSIT) developed a Nevada-specific rubric to evaluate and identify high-quality STEM programs. The rubric was developed using research for high quality STEM programs and a rigorous independent evaluation process to provide guidance for measuring the quality of STEM programs.

    OSIT and the Nevada STEM Advisory Council seek applications from STEM education programs that meet the criteria for high quality STEM programs. Selected programs will be included on the Nevada STEM Advisory Council’s list of recommended STEM programs. This is not an application for funding. However, the State, OSIT,  the Nevada Legislature, local school districts, and private philanthropy in Nevada may in the future use the Nevada STEM Advisory Council’s list to guide their STEM education investments.

      STEM Advisory Council's List of Recommended STEM Programs:

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