Strategic Initiatives

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Creating a cadre of STEM schools that are models of high-quality STEM instruction

  • Governor’s Designated STEM School Program- The STEM Advisory Council, together with OSIT, developed the official Governor’s STEM School Designation based on national best practices to provide schools with a blueprint for integrating STEM into daily classroom instruction. Designation as a Governor's STEM School denotes that the school meets the highest standards of STEM instruction and is a model for schools around the state. For parents and the community, the designation also communicates the level of high-quality STEM education that can be expected at the school.

    • STEM Leadership Academy- The Academy was created to increase the quality of STEM education throughout the State by providing consultation and professional development to leaders from aspiring STEM schools. During the five day workshop taking place throughout the school year, schools will be guided through a process to create a strategic plan and school-specific roadmap for improving STEM education and receiving the Governor’s STEM School Designation. Schools will have the opportunity to apply for a grant from OSIT to support the implementation of their strategic plans.