STEM Reports

Pursuant to NRS Chapter 223, the STEM Advisory Council and subcommittees shall prepare written reports on the State of Nevada's STEM programs and their progress.

OSIT NISE National Certificate for STEM Teaching (NCST) Pilot Program Results 2023

OSIT and NISE partnered on this year-long pilot to study the impact of the NCST program on Nevada’s teachers’ instruction and ratings against the Nevada STEM Framework.

Top STEM Jobs Below a BA

See a full listing of priority STEM jobs below a Bachelor's Degree including average hourly earnings and typical entry-level education or work-based learning requirements.

K-5 STEM-Grants Evaluation and Outcomes Report 2018

K-5 STEM Grants seek to increase access to high-quality STEM programs in elementary schools in order to: 1) Cultivate and maintain an interest in STEM in younger grades; and 2) Lay the foundation for the skills needed for a career pathway to success in the New Nevada. This grant program aligns with four key strategies identified in the Nevada State STEM Strategic Plan.

STEM Jobs Pay - Nevada's Top STEM Jobs - 2019

Includes STEM facts, hourly wage comparison, level of education required for STEM jobs, as well as STEM job growth, STEM pathways, and priority STEM jobs information.

Nevada High-Demand STEM Occupation Analysis - 2019

Includes a list of high-demand STEM occupations in Nevada and corresponding wage and education data.

STEM Workforce Challenge Grants Outcomes Report 2015-2018

OSIT, through STEM Workforce Challenge Grants, seeks to spark the creation of lasting partnerships between industry and workforce training providers.

STEM - Strategic Plan 2017

In 2013, the Nevada Legislature created the STEM Advisory Council and was charged with developing a statewide strategic plan for STEM to serve as a foundation for workforce development. Four priorities that will prepare students for life with the skills they need to be able workers and thoughtful citizens are identified in the STEM Strategic Plan 2017.

K-5 STEM Grant "At-A-Glance"

Easy to read K-5 STEM Grant information.

Informal STEM Learning In Nevada

A Concept Paper by the STEM Advisory Council's Subcommittee on Informal STEM Learning Environments (ISLE)

STEAM - A Working Definition & Guiding Principles: Enriching Nevada’s Future

Prepared by the STEM Advisory Council's STEAM Subcommittee, which is a civic advisory working group consisting of professionals and community advocates, committed to supporting arts integration across all disciplines of study.

Community Partnership Manual - November 2018

The Community Partnership Subcommittee of the Nevada STEM Advisory Council (NSAC) was established in March 2016. The purpose of the subcommittee is to advise the NSAC on issues pertaining to Community Partnerships.