Strategic Initiatives

Increasing collaboration between industry, education, and state government

  • STEM Community Partnerships Manual - OSIT will support the Community Partnerships Subcommittee of the STEM Advisory Council in developing and promoting a manual for schools, businesses, and communities to collaborate on increasing partnership opportunities in STEM.

    • Expand Business-Education Partnerships through work-based learning- OSIT collaborated with the Office of Workforce Innovation (OWINN) to successfully apply for a grant from the National Governors Association (NGA) to increase STEM-based, workbased learning (WBL) opportunities in Nevada. OWINN and OSIT will work with NDE, NSHE, GOED, DETR and others to develop policies and guides for STEM WBL based on best practices in other states. Work-based learning includes career exploration, mentoring, job shadowing, internships, pre-apprenticeships, and apprenticeships.

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