Broadband Funding Opportunities (ARCHIVED 2022)

Below is a list of current funding opportunities. Grants are funded on a competitive basis. The evaluation criteria and selection process is outlined in each Request for Applications (RFA). Each grant proposal is evaluated by a team of experts assembled by OSIT. Generally, proposals are evaluated based on: the quality of the proposal and adherence to RFA guidelines; the ability of the organization to accomplish the proposal’s goals; and the impact the proposal will have on Nevada. Applicants that are awarded funding are required to submit regular fiscal and programmatic reports that detail progress toward agreed upon performance metrics and meet State and/or federal reporting guidelines. Awarded projects are subject to inspection and testing prior to final reimbursement.

  • High Speed NV Phase I RFP Virtual Bidders' Worksheet

Current Funding Opportunities

High Speed NV Initiative Phase I:

The Office of Science, Innovation and Technology is pleased to present the Request for Proposals (RFP) for Phase I of the High Speed Nevada Initiative. In Phase I, broadband service providers will have the opportunity to bid to bring fiber based broadband transport services to over 1,000 State and Local Government Facilities, Schools and Libraries. For this RFP, we have split the state into 10 regions. Each region has a slightly different introduction page, explaining some local requirements for Schools, Libraries and Local Government facilities. After this introduction section, the technical specifications for service are essentially the same for each region. Links to the individual RFPs for each region, and all supporting documentation, can be found below.

    Schools, Libraries and Rural Healthcare Facilities listed in the RFP will follow the bid requirements of the Federal E-rate and Rural Healthcare Programs. These RFPs will also be posted to E-rate websites. Local Governments (Municipal and County) have added facilities to this RFP. Local Governments will make their own award decisions based on the bids received. OSIT is seeking bids for transport circuits only. All bids for state facilities should be bid to the nearest State of Nevada/NevadaNet Point of Presence as the "A' Location. There are some special instructions for A and Z locations with School District and Local Government bids.

      All questions should be directed to OSIT at the following email address and not to individual local governments, schools, or libraries. Questions will be compiled into a Frequently Answered Questions document and posted on the OSIT website.

        OSIT anticipates the following timeline and schedule for the RFP process and further anticipates that some or all of these dates may change based on a range of circumstances.

        • September 21, 2022: Release of Request for Proposal
        • September 30, 2022: In-person Bidder workshop at Governor Sisolak’s Infrastructure Summit (will be held at the Las Vegas Convention Center; registration is free)
        • October 6, 2022 10-11AM PT: Virtual Bidder workshop (Zoom Link)
        • October 14, 2022 (1-2PM PT): Virtual Technical Assistance Workshop-- NV Energy to discuss terms of the potential use of NV Energy facilities in proposed solutions (Zoom Link)
        • October 31, 2022: Deadline for questions regarding RFP (e-mail:
        • November 1, 2022, 2022: Answers to RFP questions posted by OSIT
        • December 19, 2022: All RFP responses due at 5 PM PT (e-mail:
        • January 2023: OSIT to interview Bidders if determined necessary
        • February 19, 2023: Award date (tentative)

          High Speed NV Phase I Regions Map

          • High Speed NV Phase I Regions Map

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            High Speed NV Initiative Phase I Regional RFPs

            High Speed NV Notice of Changes


            High Speed NV Phase I RFP Materials

            • October 6th High Speed NV Phase I RFP Virtual Bidders' Worksheet
            • OSIT/NV Energy Webinar 10/14/2022

              Nevada Broadband Provider Information Sharing

              OSIT intends to award a single provider for each region and welcomes partnerships between providers to more efficiently and cost effectively serve every identified facility within a given region. Providers with existing fiber assets in one part of a large geographic region that would like to partner with another provider in serving the region may fill out the form below with their contact information. OSIT will post the contact information of providers interested in partnerships below.

                • Click here to indicate you are interested in partnerships with other providers.

                  • Providers that have indicated interest in partnerships are listed here.

                    RFPs for Services:


                    Brian Mitchell, Director
                    Office of Science Innovation & Technology
                    State of Nevada's Broadband Office
                    Phone: 775-687-0987

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