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      The Task Force is awaiting appointments. Please check back later for updates and meeting notices.

        In 2009, Connect Nevada was established as a subsidiary of Connected Nation, the United States Department of Commerce’s State Broadband Initiative grant. The public-private initiative was established to work with each broadband provider in the state to create detailed maps of broadband coverage and assess the state of broadband adoption across Nevada, to help communities plan for technology expansion.  In furtherance of this nation-wide broadband effort, Governor Gibbons issued an executive order to create the State Broadband Task Force.  The Task Force was charged with identifying and removing barriers to broadband access and identifying opportunities for increased broadband applications and adoption in unserved and underserved areas of Nevada.

          After years of data collection, mapping, analysis, surveys, and working with counties to help expand access to broadband services, the Nevada Broadband Task Force and Connect Nevada concluded their work and published their findings and recommendations in The Nevada State Action Broadband Plan in 2014. The Nevada State Action Broadband Plan set forth a number of recommendations and proposals for future broadband expansion.

            During the 2015 Legislative Session, the Nevada Legislature passed Assembly Bill 485, which made certain revisions to the Governor’s Office of Science Innovation and Technology (OSIT).  One aspect of the bill was to place OSIT in charge of coordinating activities in this State relating to the planning mapping and procurement of broadband service.  In furtherance of this bill, Governor Sandoval issued a new Executive Order re-establishing the Nevada Broadband Task Force (“Task Force”).   

              The 2015 Task Force will consist of 12 members, appointed by the Governor, who will represent rural health and hospitals, rural K-12 school districts, distance education/higher education, public safety, transportation, data and telecommunications industries and local government.  The Task Force will work in conjunction with the OSIT Broadband Manager, and will be responsible for assisting the Nevada Department of Education in carrying out its Nevada Ready 21 plan to improve technology in Nevada schools, overseeing the continued mapping of broadband infrastructure in the state, evaluate the present and future needs for broadband throughout Nevada, evaluating the existing capacity of public and private broadband infrastructure and providing recommendations regarding priorities for expansion, developing statewide policy that will help improve access to and the development of broadband infrastructure throughout the state, and advancing any other policy recommendations set forth in The Nevada State Broadband Action Plan.

                As recognized in the National Broadband Plan, broadband Internet is “a foundation for economic growth, job creation, global competitiveness and a better way of life.”[1]  As part of the “New Nevada,” championed by Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval, broadband is an integral part of a successful science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) programs, and essential to ensuring Nevada is able to meet its future workforce and employer needs.  In this regard, expansion must continue to be a coordinated and ongoing effort to ensure this important asset continues its expansion throughout Nevada.

                  [1] Connecting America:  The National Broadband Plan, Federal Communications Commission, April 2010.   See also the State Broadband Action Plan, Connect Nevada, November 2014, p.