Governor's Designated STEM Schools

STEM Advisory Council's Vision

Our vision is that every student in Nevada will have access and opportunities to experience a high-quality science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education, with the ultimate objective that students are prepared to thrive in the New Nevada economy. Key to realizing this vision is the effort to encourage all schools, with a particular focus on reaching underrepresented groups, to adopt practices that engage and expose students to real-world problem solving, creative design, innovation, critical thinking, and career opportunities through STEM-focused formal and informal education.

    The STEM Advisory Council is charged with identifying and awarding recognition to not more than 15 schools in Nevada each year that demonstrate exemplary performance in STEM. These schools are designated as Governor’s STEM Schools and are recognized at an annual recognition event held in Carson City. Designation as a Governor's STEM School denotes that the school meets the highest standards of STEM instruction and is a model for schools around the state. Designations may be used to promote the school.

      The mission of the Nevada STEM Advisory Council is to increase student interest and achievement in the fields of science, engineering, technology, and mathematics, leading students to fulfilling careers in the New Nevada economy.

        STEM Advisory Council's Action Guide

        The purpose of this Action Guide is to serve as a blueprint for educators, administrators, and stakeholders to take action to integrate STEM into daily student instruction. This Guide will also assist in understanding the Governor’s STEM School Designation process and what types of activities, pedagogy, daily structure, and supports will be evaluated during the review.

        This Guide provides a roadmap with guidelines and criteria for Nevada schools to become a Governor Designated STEM School. It aligns with Nevada Academic Content Standards to promote the integration of STEM into daily instruction for all students. You can use this Guide as a self-assessment, as a tool to expand STEM education at your school, or as a blueprint as you prepare to apply for the Governor’s STEM School Designation.

          Governor's Designated STEM Schools

          Advanced Technologies Academy - Las Vegas
          Cashman Middle School - Las Vegas
          Doris French Elementary School - Las Vegas
          Ed W. Clark High School - Las Vegas
          Hyde Park Middle School - Las Vegas
          Kate Smith Elementary School - Sparks
          McCaw STEAM Academy - Henderson
          Walter Bracken STEAM Academy - Las Vegas
          White Pine High School - Ely

            Dorothy Lemelson STEM Academy - Reno
            Lied STEM Academy - Las Vegas
            Roger Gehring Academy of Science and Technology - Las Vegas
            Southwest Career & Technical Academy - Las Vegas

              Carlin Combined School - Carlin
              Carson Montessori Charter School - Carson City
              Coral Academy of Science - Henderson
              Frank Lamping Elementary School - Henderson
              Goynes Elementary School - North Las Vegas
              Jim Bridger Middle school - North Las Vegas
              Joseph Neal STEAM Academy - Las Vegas
              Leavitt Middle School - Las Vegas
              Oasis Academy - Fallon
              Pinecrest Academy of Nevada Cadence - Henderson
              Pinecrest Academy of Nevada Inspirada - Henderson
              Pinecrest Academy of Nevada St. Rose - Las Vegas
              Riverview Elementary School - Dayton
              Smithridge STEM Academy Elementary School - Reno

                Map of Designated STEM Schools