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Cindi L. Chang, M.Ed.
Nevada Department of Education
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    Debra Petrelli
    100 North Stewart Street, Suite 220
    Carson City, Nevada 89701
    Telephone: (775) 687-0987
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            To provide engaging and rigorous computer science education for ALL Nevada students regardless of their age, race, gender, disability, socioeconomic level, or what school they attend, and to prepare them for a wide variety of postsecondary experiences and careers in the digital age. They will become not only consumers of technology, but creators of it.


              Nevada's vision is that our students are informed citizens who can:

                • Critically engage in public discussion on computer science topics
                • Develop as learners, users, and creators of CS knowledge and artifacts
                • Better understand the role of computing in the world around them
                • Learn, perform, and express themselves in other subjects and interests


                • Equity and Access
                • Quality and Scope
                • Interest and Awareness
                • Alignment and Engagement

                Computer Science Subcommittee